James Grant is the editor of Grant's Interest Rate Observer. The music of composer James Grant is known by musicians and audiences for its colorful language, honed craft and immediacy. James Grant is not a cheerleader for the stock market. The Scottish songwriter James Grant is not a specialist in mirth, beats or lyrical easy wins. James Grant is a proven child of Alexander and Susanna (Morris) Grant. James Grant is a singer/songwriter who hails from Glasgow. James Grant is the recipient of the 2001-2002 Aaron Copland Award. James Grant is the author of VisNetic Firewall. James Grant is a lovely corner room and is light and airy with a queen-size bed that is simple and elegant in white. Don't let the first and title track on this album put you off: it is slow, gospel-tinged, and perpetuates the fear that James Grant is going all maudlin and country. James Grant is also the author of four books on finance. James Grant is the Business Development Manager for Behavioral Science Technology, Inc. James Grant is a Coadjutor Bishop of the Diocese of Melbourne and resident Honorary Chaplain of Trinity College. He is the co-author with Geoffrey Serle of "The Melbourne Scene" and has contributed to the Australian "Dictionary of Biography." James Grant is thought to have taken refuge in France. James Grant is widely considered Wall Street's bond and interest rate guru. James Grant is currently Dean, College of Arts and Sciences and Associate Professor of Education, Maharishi University of Management. James Grant is the head of UNICEF and is one of the most sensitive activist thinkers of our day. James Grant is president of Simpson College in Redding, California. James Grant is the most admired school captain ever bred at Lawley Grammar, the most legendary rugby captain to ever lead the First Fifteen and the Dux of the school. James Grant began FLEM comics in 1998. He gained a strange amount of popularity due to the Jay series, which he quit doing in 2002. He has relaunched the series in 2005. James Grant lives in Dallas, TX and works, writes novels, draws comics, and generally makes a nuisance of himself in public. He is to be married to Mel Hynes, a fellow artist and writer, and lives with two whiny cats.

All of these statements are absolutely true.

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