Edible Dirt The single-panel workings of a man in the U.K. who is downright insane. That he is also my uncle is just a strange coincidence.

Penny Arcade Seriously, if you're here and you don't know about PA, you're some kind of fucking freak alien mutant caveman.

Something Positive R. K. Milholland is quite possibly the most bastardly of bastards. His strip is amazing, with awesome plotlines and a profound sense of artistic style. Additionally, I will fucking kill him someday.

Two Lumps One of my other works, sketched by me, written by the amazing and sexay Mel Hynes.

The Perry Bible Fellowship This motherfucker is shit hot. He came out of nowhere and started kicking ass from the word Go. Bookmark it right the fuck now or your teeth will be repossessed.

Josh Lesnick What can I say about this hedonistic whirlwind that passes itself off as a man? Not only is Josh Lesnick a talented artist and comic creator, but he's one beer-swillin', Harley-ridin', blued screwed and tatoooed dervish of pure malevolent party animal. Hide the women and booze!

Real Life Comics I hate Greg Dean and hope he dies. No, not really. Little inside joke there. RL has been going for about the same amount of time as FLEM, and I think Greg is a hoopy frood.

Crap I Drew On My Lunch Break Jin Wicked has not been, now ever will be, naked in my swimming pool. So much for showbiz.

Chugworth Academy I'm not sure what it is about this strip, but I like it. Could be the fantastic art. Could be the boobies. Dunno.

Sexy Losers Speaking of boobies. "Clay" used to be "Hard" and this comic has had several names. In the end, it's graphic sex and sick situations galore. Truly the greatest hardcore porn comic ever done.

Ctrl Alt Del Surprisingly tight comic with gaming humor out the wazzoo. Finish is earthy, with overtones of black cherry and chicken.

VG Cats If ever there existed a gaming comic that gives PA a run for its money, this is it. That's right, I said it. What are you gonna do about it, Holkins? WHADDAYAGONNADOOOOO?

ESRC Not a comic, but a damned fine read. Pollywog Riddell does a fine job of being the Daily Show of Science News.

My Favorite Porn Site No, I'm not kidding. Seriously. It's a great site for fucked up humor and hardcore triple-X porn. If you click this, don't say I didn't warn ya. It's porn.


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